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Founded in January 2005, CSM Consulting Solutions, Inc. provides professional facilitation, consulting and human resource services to a multitude of clients.  Our client base and experience includes both non-profit and for-profit corporations and organizations.  Our professional services guide and assist clients and their organizations in developing and implementing proven strategies for success. 


CSM Consulting Solutions is regularly engaged by  corporations and organizations to consult on and provide a variety of human resource services and programs; facilitate and consult on strategic planning; design and conduct team building events; guide meeting discussions; assess needs and  improve group process and effectiveness; and, organize and deliver retreats and training seminars.  Meetings are designed, customized and facilitated to achieve desired outcomes for businesses, lead teams, project teams, management teams, boards and other groups- large and small.


We strive to understand the client’s needs, diligently and carefully explore and assess options, and then suggest an approach to accomplish the desired outcome(s) in a timely, cost-effective manner.  Working closely with the client, we design a customized, flexible yet structured approach to  yield the most beneficial solutions and outcomes.  Our proven approach increases buy-in and yields more solutions based on your specific needs. 




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If you would like to learn more about how CSM Consulting Solutions can unleash the power of your workforce and provide solutions for your company’s success, contact us for a free consultation. We will discuss your current situation and determine next steps to reach your performance goals, determine and plan strategic direction, resolve problems, focus on overcoming challenges and achieve your objectives.  Click here to contact us— 

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